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  • Laura De Veau

Taking the Mask Off the Class of 2025

Announcing a Multimodal Learning Experience Designed Specifically for the Fall of 2021

This fall, campuses will be welcoming their new class. These students have experienced the loss of friends, family, and financial security caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditions, milestones and moments that they had been planning on were canceled, postponed or moved to Zoom. The trauma of the last 18 months compounded on top of four years of political tensions, mounting climate crises and a racial reckoning has had real and long-lasting impacts on their emotional readiness for campus life.

Fall orientation, welcome weeks and even first year seminars need to be developed with a focus on being trauma informed and intentional. The class of 2025 doesn't merely need a good transition, they need a stronger one.

Dr. Laura De Veau, Principal and Founder of Fortify Associates has developed a multi-modal learning experience which combines a zoom webinar with an online program management curriculum designed with this challenge in mind.

Once learners have completed the webinar, they will be provided access to the program management curriculum. Individual and institutional registration is available. For more details and to get a feel of the multimodal platform, take a look at the free preview of the experience here.

If you want to consider a customized version of the program for your campus, email Laura directly at to discuss the particulars.

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