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Laura A. De Veau, Ed.D.
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Laura A. De Veau, Ed.D.

Founder & Principal of Fortify Associates, LLC

Laura has a passion for and desire to help organizations build high functioning and engaged teams.  She has a strong track record in strategic decision making, complex organizational leadership as well as team and project management. After 30 years of management and leadership experience in higher education, Laura (she/hers) took her strategic, process driven and administrative acumen and founded Fortify Associates, LLC. 

Over her career, Laura became known as an individual who could move organizational processes in order to reach strategic and aspirational goals. Laura is a combination of life coach, strategic analyst and comedian. Whether the challenge lies in change management, workplace competencies, strategic planning or a combination, we will take the organization and team you have and Fortify them to rise to their highest potential.

Laura currently teaches at the graduate programs for education at both Boston University and Boston College, and has expanded her media footprint through her weekly newsletter on Substack "What's Up in the Academy?" and her weekly live audio podcast, "Office Hours with Dr. De Veau." She is committed to public policy, education innovation and expanding professional development beyond seminars and workshops.


Fortify Associates, LLC gives clients the feedback they need in a no-nonsense delivery that cuts through the fluff and gets to the core of the matter, so you can reach your highest capacity. Fortify boasts a team of Associates who are curated by Laura in an effort to provide clients with a breadth of professional expertise, but with an execution that meets her exacting standards.

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