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Shelia Higgs


Says 5/5 Stars!

Fortify Associates assembled a team of experts to assist us in addressing a number of areas within the University and Student Affairs. Under the direction of Dr. Laura De Veau, the team conducted deep environmental scanning which included document analysis, process flow assessment, and individual stakeholder and team interviews. In the end Fortify Associates produced comprehensive, actionable strategies and recommendations to bring our Title IX processes in alignment with national standards and best practices, to establish more robust, integrated conduct systems, and to establish a Student Affairs organization structure which would be nimble enough to withstand even the challenges presented by COVID. And it has! Fortify Associates outstanding work blended in person and virtual meetings, was cost-effective, and timely. Book them now! You will not be disappointed.



Says 5/5 Stars!

Laura absolutely met our expectations. In our planning meetings, Laura heard what the needs were and was able to design a training to meet each of those needs. Laura introduced Maplewood College case studies to the team which was also helpful for them to think about putting 'theory into practice.' The only feedback from the group was that they wished for more group interaction time. If you are looking to have a dynamic presenter for your team - look no further than Fortify Associates! Laura brought the expertise, energy, confidence, and creativity to meet our needs. She was engaging and real which resulted in positive feedback from our team. Laura took the time to listen to our needs and designed a day-long workshop for us that checked every box. We had a wonderful experience working with Laura and fully recommend Fortify Associates!



Says 5/5 Stars!

Laura is the most enthusiastic supporter of the power of education one can imagine. She uses her energy and humor to further champion students' drive for success. She supports her faculty with vigor, and is a very effective administrator - working with groups or individually. Laura makes things happen, through hard work and superb people skills. Her upbeat personality is contagious, and extremely effective in her pursuit of genuine results.



Says 5/5 Stars!

Laura DeVeau offers research-based, practical-use learning strategies to enhance any professional in their work. Laura's down-to-earth approach makes engagement easy and fun. The pre-workshop assignments really supported my team's foundation of knowledge, preparing us for a very engaging conversation during our in-person time together.



Says 5/5 Stars!

The #deveauprotip webinar on supervising inherited staffs was a great opportunity to connect with other professionals who are going through the same experience that I am. It was helpful to have information to read ahead of time and assessments to complete so that we could really engage with the content and each other during the webinar.


Hunter Denney

Says 5/5 Stars!

A unique combination of humor, rhetorical witt, candidness, and passion are only a few of the tools Dr. Laura De Veau uses to engage her audiences. She has a true gift for being captivating while delivering or facilitating timely, thought provoking and often challenging leadership lessons.

Not all speakers can produce changes in thinking and behaviors like Dr. Laura De Veau. Without apology, she accurately reads her audience, passionately delivers a well-crafted lesson, and creates a safe learning environment with intentional take-aways.

Authentic. Captivating. Masterful. Relatable. These attributes come naturally to Dr. Laura De Veau as she passionately seeks to educate and inspire others into action through her speaking and facilitating services.

Mary Ellen


Says 5/5 Stars!

I highly recommend Laura for your next professional development opportunity! Laura is dynamic, knowledge, funny, and engaging and is able to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table to advance your team! You won't be disappointed with bringing Laura to your organization!


“Cissy” Petty

Says 5/5 Stars!

Laura DeVeau, Principal of Fortify and Associates, has way of engaging leaders and teams to reimagine their capacity to lead. She has a wicked sense of humor, balanced with a deep sense of compassion. Laura is my “go to” for straight up, no non-sense advice on a myriad of subjects.

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