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Fortify Associates, LLC utilizes in person and virtual meetings in oder to maximize contact time with their clients in meaningful ways, but this is only part of the Fortify experience. Depending on the scope of the project, clients may choose from any of these options:

Program Reviews & Project Management

So, you need something with many layers, twists and turns and a complexity that makes how you engage with Fortify as unique as your organization. Don’t worry, we got you. Fortify will identify the team to get the job done and the tools that will help strengthen your organization from the foundation up.

Fortify Curriculum

Explore our menu of Fortify Curriculum courses.  Courses are designed to stand alone or if you would like to “level up” and engage with the instructor to customize and enhance the learning with a live facilitation (virtual or in-person) Fortify can make that happen in order to create a truly unique learning experience.

Team Dynamics

Individual contributors lead to a more functional team. We work with individuals and teams to create a workplace that is optimized to align with organizational mission, vision and values. We also help you to develop assessments that will help managers and leaders create sustainable progress.

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