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Is Your Organization Stuck?

Social media sites have attached themselves to the opportunity to “look back” on moments in our life captured at a time where perhaps we are sporting an unflattering hairdo, spending time with special friends, or trying out a new hobby (skydiving!?!). When I look at myself in these photos, I typically respond immediately to what I was wearing and who I was with, but when I take a minute, I tune in to how I was feeling and how my life was then as compared to how I may be doing at present – have I progressed forward, and if not, how can I make that happen?

As individuals, we can reflect with regularity, but as organizations, we don’t have as many opportunities thrown at us to look back. Sure, we have annual reports, reviews and goals, but do we really take a look at who we are as an organization? What we produce is one thing, but how we deliver is another. As an individual, I have progressed over the last 25 years in many ways. I still enjoy dressing with a sense of personal style, and engaging in many of the same causes and passions, but how my style manifests itself and how I approach my passions has changed as I have become more – ahem – seasoned. As a leader, can you truly say that your organization has progressed - or do you know that your organization is stuck?

Being prideful of traditions of excellence is important, however, it is not the same as turning one’s back to considering how excellence can propel the team toward aspirational opportunities. Pride is a wonderful driver for breaking through that feeling of being stuck. As a leader, one must balance the line between pride and arrogance, therefore, I have emphasized how the development of a pride of place will fuel aspirational growth.

By effectively combining both an organization’s tradition for success with a pride of place, an organization can break through whatever may be blocking progress. Leaders who make the decision to bring in a facilitation consultant to lead the team in this type of activity enhances its potential for success. This is largely contributed to the fact that when a facilitation consultant is managing the process, the leader can engage fully. Be a leader who is honest enough that it is time to make a change, and one who is willing to find a partner in taking steps toward your success, so that in the future, you and your team can look back on this snapshot in time and reflect on how you were able to move to new heights.

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