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Summer Time & The Projects Are Plentiful

We will add this to the summer project list.”

How many times have you said this to yourself or to someone on your team? For those readers working in higher education or in not-for-profits, summers tend to have a reputation for being a time to strategize, plan, produce in advance of the new fiscal and academic years beginning. But, with that, we need to remind ourselves that the summer is also a time to regroup and enjoy the sunshine.

Summer can be productive, but in order for that to happen, you need to put some time in up front to create a deliberate plan that includes contributors, measures for success, clear communication, and dates of delivery. Typically summer projects are challenged by three mis-steps:

  1. Expecting Too Much

  2. Planning Too Little

  3. Lacking Engagement & Empowerment

Before digging into the summer project list, count how many weeks are ahead of you, and with that be honest about how productive those weeks will be. Do you have vacation? Even if you aren’t out of the office, will other key people be? When you expect too much productivity during the summer, you may find yourself frustrated and feeling as if you didn’t meet expectations.

Having a “To-Do” list isn’t a plan. Without clear prioritization, understanding of work flow and consideration of who should be involved, the work won’t be done. An effective plan takes time, human resources, and other details into consideration. The plan should also be something that can be contributed a-synchronously by all stakeholders. That takes a special type of planning.

A project that has engaged contributors will surely be more successful than one where these individuals are not empowered in the process. It is essential for a project team to be both engaged and empowered especially during a summer project period as there will surely be times where these individuals must work independently without the watchful eye of a project manager or leader.

Because we know how important Summer can be for your organization. Laura De Veau, Principal & Founder of Fortify Associates will be conducting a LIVE! Summer Project Planning Webinar on Wednesday, May 15 from 12:00 to 1:00PM (Eastern). This is a great webinar for mid-level and senior managers seeking to set up summer for success.

Participants will receive access to a Fortify Curriculum Online Course including templates and downloadable resources that will be utilized in the webinar, and which can be used for your organization. The Webinar will be held LIVE and a recorded copy will be accessible for those who register, for viewing at a later time and to help scaffold your skills in a sustainable way.

The weekly #fortifyfriday edition on Friday, April 26 at 1pm Eastern Time on the Fortify Associates Facebook Page will be focusing on this topic. A great time to tune in and hear more! We are excited for this live engagement! Register today!


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