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Effective Crisis Management Gets You Noticed

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, workplace teams have had to respond to a global crisis and continue to provide essential services. The work has been difficult and at times, exhausting. It has been said many times that the pandemic has and continues to test us in so many ways, and our crisis management skills are absolutely at the top of that list.

As a manager, there may have been members of your own team that showed great crisis management skills, and others who required more supervision and direction. Your own crisis management skills may have been tested, but you didn't have the supports in your organization to give you the feedback you required to gain insight into your skills and your response.

This summer, as part of their annual Summer Practitioner Training & Education Program, the Lynch School of Education & Human Development at Boston College is offering a mini-course from May 17 to 26 on the topic of Crisis Management in Higher Education. The course will be taught by, Dr. Laura De Veau, Principal & Founder of Fortify Associates, LLC., and will feature the use of case studies, experiential learning tools and video interviews with experts in crisis response: Dr. Pat Whitely, Vice President for Student Affairs from the University of Miami, Colin Riley, Director of Media Relations at Boston University, and Florida State Representative Christine Hunschofsky, who served as Mayor of Parkland, Florida at the time of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. A highlight reel from these interviews is available below. These experts truly add value to this mini-course! Managers seeking a boost in their own competencies or looking to identify meaningful and intentionally designed learning opportunities will find the entire selection of Lynch School offerings to be of interest. Students may choose to enroll for professional development or to earn continuing education credits - should your discipline require them. Be sure to share this opportunity with your network and get registered by May 10th!


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