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It's Planning Season: Book your retreats and workshops now!

2022-23 was a great academic year for Fortify Associates, LLC and we are looking forward to an amazing 2023-24. If you are seeking to flesh out your learning objectives for the upcoming academic year, Fortify has developed a menu of four of our proven workshops and retreat topics that will add to your current training and development plans.

Staying Sane in an Insane World. Life is changing at a dizzying pace. Being a higher education professional means that you are managing the pace of change in your off campus world and balancing it with the realities and expectations of your work on campus. This keynote/discussion will provide participants with the tools they need to develop a plan of action to create and maintain a mindset and management approach that prioritizes self-care while building a workplace culture that you and your team will love.

The Three Great R's of Management. We've heard about the Great Resignation, but have we spent enough time and focused enough attention and strategy on the Great Retention and Reorganization? For transformational leaders and managers in the higher education landscape, the great resignation affords institutions with some that they have traditionally lacked, namely, churn. While too much churn, or turnover, may be. a cause for concern, transformational leaders can position their organization to be prepared for churn by accepting resignations, reorganizing for a student-centered approach to business, and developing a retention strategy. This keynote/discussion will provide participants with insight into the three Great R's and the strategy needed to leverage them within their organization.

New HigherEd Pro Essentials. Since 2020, HigherEd has seen an incredible level of churn. With new professionals who are eager to succeed, and hiring managers and supervisors with less time to onboard and train these new team members on the essential competencies that they need as new managers in the HigherEd setting.

This full day workshop starts with a deep dive into the functions of supervision, staff capacity building and personnel management. The second half of the full day workshop will use case studies based on real world challenges to test drive the learning concepts and build confidence and competence within your new professional cohort. Launching a 1 Year Program Review. Program reviews are an essential aspect of creating a culture of assessment and quality in your department. And while they may feel daunting, with the right guidance and encouragement it can be an incredible opportunity for organizational growth. This full day workshop provides your organization and the team that will be executing the one year review with the tools they need to create a successful program review.

Each of these programs has been 'road tested' and has the highest reviews and feedback from previous clients and audiences. But, we know that sometimes what you need is a custom program. Customized programs and plans are always an option. Reach out to book one of these programs or come up with a plan for your organization's development!


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