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Executive Briefing is Here ... (and not a moment too soon)

As was previewed early in the New Year, advancing yourself as an executive leader can feel isolating at times. At a time in your career where a cohort would truly benefit you, they are harder to maintain and engage. I know first hand that in the field of Higher Education the changes and challenges that are barraging those at the cabinet level seem to be coming at a pace that will put even those with the strongest leadership acumen on notice.

Professional Development institutes and conferences provide us all with great opportunities to consider new initiatives and analyze benchmarks, but they may not be well-suited for exercising the muscles necessary to lead on a daily basis. The level of accountability to a formal cohort of executives takes a very different shape than attending an out of town conference. To a cohort, you are giving as much as you are receiving -- individual experiences and competencies combine and even scaffold on top of one another. A think tank, if you will, that will provide those participating with a bank of knowledge where they are welcome to withdraw what they need when they need it.

The Fortify Executive Briefing is a combination live engagements, discussions and thought provoking resources - delivered through a robust online learning platform. In other words, you can connect from your desk, your tablet, and even your smartphone. You don't have to worry about time out of the office, the complexities that creates and the optics that sometimes (and unfortunately) results from it.

The Fortify Executive Briefing is not just for Student Affairs Professionals - I believe that anyone at the cabinet level could benefit from this opportunity as it also broadens the knowledge base of the cohort into a variety of functional areas. Imagine having access to individuals who have a basis of experience in areas that are challenging your executive leadership team - cohort members who have as much engagement in the challenges facing Higher Education as you do. Broader perspectives can only help you as a leader!

Enrollment is live now, and will close when the cohort meets its capacity, or by February 24, 2019 - whichever comes first. If you, yourself is not at the Executive Level (yet), this is a tremendous opportunity to "Manage up" and provide your Vice President with the details about this resource. I am truly excited about the Fortify Executive Briefing - I believe it is going to change the way we think about cohorts and their impact on the executive level of Higher Education.


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