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Fortify Associates, LLC is Now a Predictive Index Partner

The "Great Resignation" is here and organizations are losing amazing talent, becoming less productive. When great people leave, your teams become overwhelmed, satisfaction declines and the downward spiral gains steam. Simply posting jobs on your organizations website, sharing on popular search websites and LinkedIn isn't enough. Organizations need a diagnosis that will help them design a hiring strategy that will inspire their team's talent. From the beginning, Fortify Associates, LLC was built to be a strategically focused boutique consulting firm whose mission was to help organizations move from "Good to Great". The pandemic has shifted how we work, and how we hire those who do the work. But, organizations have been slow to maneuver to more effective hiring practices, simply repeating the same processes with lesser gains gets you nowhere. For executive leaders, hiring managers and supervisors seeking to curate the best talent and retain them the last 19 months should be a rally cry more than a warning sign. Now is the time to use your resources wisely and invest in your team - from the very beginning.

It is for this reason, that when given the opportunity to become an official Predictive Index Partner, Fortify Associates knew that this was an ideal fit for our community of current and future clients.

Organizations create a strategy for success based on industry metrics, but it's the people who make the organization a success. You cannot wing it when it comes to building a team and a winning culture - you need to be an approach that is data-driven and strategic. This is where talent optimization makes the real impact.

There are currently over 6,000 open jobs posted for hiring at Colleges and Universities throughout Massachusetts alone. This is a stark reminder that the same ways of hiring are a failure of strategic planning and implementation, but they are also setting the stage for a continuous cycle of hiring, loss of staff and rehiring. Why not invest in your staffing model now, by engaging with Fortify Associates as a Predictive Index partner and diagnose your organizations staffing strategy? Reach out to Dr. Laura De Veau today, and stop spinning your wheels, and start hiring the team you need now and into the future.


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