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Knowing Yourself & Your Capacity

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Who do you think knows you better? Your colleagues, your supervisor, your mentor, your partner, or you? It may depend on the situation, and with the filter of living in a social media world, does anyone actually know us anymore? I hope so. At the very least, I hope that you know you, your viewpoint, what drives you, what sings to you.

As a leader or an aspiring one, your position and viewpoint is going to impact how well you know yourself at that time and at that moment. We need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to capacity. When I speak about capacity, what I am referring to is - what are you able to do with proficiency? In order to build one’s capacity, you must first acknowledge your current capacity. What is hampering your ability to take on new challenges? What is driving the focus away from what is bringing you the promise of satisfaction and growth? Why are you skimping on investing in yourself in order to put capacity building front and center in your life?

Do yourself a favor and reflect on these questions. If your answers consistently come back to either you don’t know where to start, or your personal bandwidth is tapped - then it is time to tap in someone to help you. Your organization may not have a natural manner by which capacity building and coaching manifests itself. A consultant can provide you with a the scaffolding you require to look at your capacity through a different lens. A consultant can go beyond a mentor, as YOU are their project, and with an eye on capacity building. When your capacity grows, those you lead will grow as well.

There is a side benefit of capacity building and that is the fun and satisfaction that you feel. When you are running your engine “on all cylinders” at your optimized capacity, confidence flows, your visionary outlook is enhanced and the pride of work performed is palpable. Living and working in a state of enhanced and broad vision is far more satisfying than one where you are limited. Never become complacent - rather, when you make it to the next level and you feel that you have risen to the challenges that go along with capacity building, it’s time to consider the next possibility.

As a current or aspiring leader, your commitment to your own capacity is paramount. It will define you and it will define your organization. Invest in yourself and #fortifyyourself #fortifyyourorganization #goodtogreat


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