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Need a Career Champion?

There are thousands of opportunities available for job seekers, career changers and those considering possibilities for their next stop in the journey. The job search is overwhelming and there are tools that can help you as you consider what may be next. Career mapping is such a device, and while you can always perform a career mapping activity on your own, by having a Career Champion who will coach you as you chart your path to your pinnacle position you will have someone who serves as a booster and a critical eye.

Fortify career mapping sessions are two sessions in length 45 minutes each spread out a few weeks apart (I work with your schedule!). Going beyond a resume review and a next job search, career mapping provides you with a roadmap that positions you to reach your pinnacle position in the future by charting the stops along the way including identification of skill gaps, essential certifications, additional education and more.

Reach out today for a quote and to get your career map Fortified.


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