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The Great Hiring Season

Tis the season to hire your team, and with that comes the need to bring in the best talent and retain better talent. Fortify Associates is offering two exclusive opportunities for hiring and retreat season that will be an incredible boost to organizational leadership and managers! Bolstered by the Predictive Index software platform, let Fortify Associates help you Inspire the Team you have and Hire the Team you want!

Inspire is a 3 hour workshop perfectly suited to determine the traits that your team members bring to the world of work, and how these traits combine to create a team type. Knowing your team type allows for leadership to strategically prioritize team initiatives that will inspire your workforce for the future. Your team will have access to the Predictive Index software for a year, as well as the expertise of your PI Partner, Dr. Laura De Veau.

Hiring great candidates has become more competitive than ever. Organizations need to turn to hiring tools that incorporate behavioral and cognitive insights. Ready. Aim. Hire. Is a software and consulting package that will help you retool your hiring practice, starting from the job descriptions and screening questions. The PI software guides you through setting behavioral and cognitive Job Targets. If you’re not sure whereto begin, your PI Partner, Dr. Laura De Veau will help you tap into the wisdom of thousands of hiring managers by using a benchmark. Save time with Match Score. Cut down the time it takes to screen candidates. As they complete theirPI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI CognitiveAssessment™ they’re assigned a Match Score. The best fits for the role float to the top of the list!

Want to get yourself and your team optimized? Book a consult now!


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