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Curating the Team and Changing the Game

When one is as fortunate to have an exceptional personal and professional network, such as the one I have, the opportunity to curate my “dream team” of Associates is an exciting one. With representation from fields as diverse as not-for-profits, marketing, e-commerce, higher education, project management and personal wellness, Fortify Associates will be building out online courses to highlight these individuals and their great and good gifts. Take courses, try our Associates on for size, and engage in a way that works for you and your organization.

Fortify Associates live facilitation takes our courses to a new level. While the courses are designed to stand alone, you can choose to “level up” and engage with us live - either in person or virtually. Look, after 30 years of delivering workshops, designing professional development opportunities for organizations and teams with a diversity of experiences, I know that learning and engagement cannot be a single monotonous note. Rather, it needs to be harmonious and memorable. By providing a variety of services all linked to a commitment to strategy, I am optimistic about Fortify’s future. But, what will make Fortify truly unique is the team that is curated … stay connected to Fortify to see what the future of something exceptional looks like.


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